“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” ~ e.e. cummings

Mapping My Future™ (MMF) is a 3-hour workshop for teen girls 15 -18 guiding them through the creative process as we explore, discover, goal plan, and “path create” using words + colors.

teen girl sitting on floor with a writing notebook in her lap

Offered in four ways:

  1. on-site by request if you have a group of teen girls
  2. online by request if you have a group of teen girls
  3. online by sign-up via Zoom
  4. community workshop in Brevard County – this registration link will be clickable when a session is scheduled

During the workshop, we’ll use words + colors as we…

  • write to reflect
  • doodle to discover
  • list to explore, learn & plan
  • create to connect

— and build a Life Journal

Along the way, I’ll share my own journey ~ from the oldest daughter of three girls, born to a teen mom & raised in a single-mom family to HS grad, Navy veteran, and (recently) retired educator— which has led me to today— thriving business owner.

By the end of the session, each workshop guest will have her own life journal to continue adding to and revising.

Have a group of teen girls who’d like to do this workshop together? Drop me a note in the space below.

Space Coast Florida businesses—

It takes a village… 🙂

As an online creator and host, I’m grateful for local community spaces to offer in-person workshops and retreats a few times a year.

Are you interested in partnering to offer your space for a creative workshop that supports our community’s teen girls? If so, or would like more information, please visit me here.

a collage of teen girls

Have a question or a group of teen girls ready to ‘workshop’ with me? Drop a note below so we can schedule a few minutes to chat.