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    Underpainting in Art & Writing, 2023

    Fact: Underpainting Adds Depth Is underpainting part of your art process? While many contemporary artists use this technique, underpainting was the ‘standard’ among the masters. Underpainting is defined as the first coat of paint, especially the initial painting on a canvas. The major areas, tones, colors, and forms are indicated in mass.…

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    Video Skills for the Win: Yes, You Really Can!

    looking through lens of camera at woman on couch as she records herself talking from RobinLK Studios

    22 Takes Later…. So, I’m learning the ins and outs of recording video…. video blogging? vlogging? Whatever you call it, seems I’ll need a bit more practice….. LOL You wouldn’t guess from this video, but I did an (unplanned) Fonzie impression, recorded the ceiling, and realized my sweater and coffee…