here: saying goodbye with each visit

old woman in wheel chair sitting at table with crayons

here: it is the last place

i feel sad
as i watch them.
and listen.

they know they have come to
wither and die…


visits from family,

no concept of time for many.
painfully, some seem aware.
the new ones, mostly.
they know why they’re


their eyes seem dimmer each time i visit.
few smiles.
just quiet sadness…


like discarded cars,
abandoned. rusting. degenerating.
slowly returning to the earth…
they wait.


she approaches 99.
in good spirits today.
seems content.
comfortable, mostly.


she smiles her beautiful crooked smile
every now and again.

the one i remember well.

blue eyes, though worn and oft-bloodshot now,
reflect a faint recognition.

not of a person she remembers, but a feeling…
a warmth— knowing this person in front of her loves her.
a kind face that smiles back…

and hugs her.

“mmmm… that feels good,” she whispers.

i am sad and grateful
for our time together,
each visit a chance to say goodbye.

doing what saddened my mom…
saying goodbye to her mom…
and walking her Home.



©robin le roy-Kyle | robinLKstudios
jan 29, 2023