Tuesday Tip: Show Up for Yourself

clear glass coffee cup with hot coffee on a wood table the words above it Tuesday Tip Show Up for Yourself

A simple Tuesday tip…

Show up for yourself!

What happens? Does it matter? Will it make a difference?

Why do we struggle to show up?

If you’re thinking, “Heck yes it matters!” then I ask you, “Why is it so damn hard to show up?”

Why do we repeatedly ignore what we KNOW will make a difference?

I’ve wondered this for much of my 50+ years— about myself, about students & colleagues, and about people I’ve met, read about, or listened to as they recounted all the reasons why they can’t do something.

Show up and create habits.

If you’re thinking, “Show up for myself? Seriously?? I don’t have time for that.” then I ask you, “What if you gave it a try and it ACTUALLY worked??

As I write this, I’m finishing Atomic Habits by James Clear. I’m also, by coincidence, listening to an interview with him on the Tim Ferriss podcast. (Are there really coincidences? I digress…) I’d heard about Atomic Habits, purchased it in December 2020, and began reading it to close out the year.

As 2021 approached, it was time to create new habits and new goals as the next life chapter approached. Early retirement during a pandemic felt scary as hell! I prepared to dive into full-time business ownership. So much on the horizon! Then… my mom died unexpectedly a few days into 2021.

Pause. Life.

It would be a year+ before the book would find its way back to me! Hello, December 2022. That was a heck of a slow journey back, friends! Or was it? I like to think books show up exactly when they’re supposed to. We talk about this in Wednesday Writing Groups.

Turns out, when you show up for yourself, it really does make a difference and you’re creating habits.

One of our writing group members recently shared her advice with new Quick Write Club group members:

“Keep showing up. You think it doesn’t help and it doesn’t really matter, but it does. One day, things just start to click.”


Fabulous advice!

Tuesday Tip: Show up for yourself, friend. Every day. Especially on the toughest days. You CAN do it. I’m cheering you on! ~ And in case you need an extra dose of “Yes, you can!”, read the full post about showing up for yourself (and why it matters!) here.

p.s. ~ We ignore what we know works because we humans prefer EASY.

But that’s the secret— personal writing is easy and showing up for yourself gets easier when you create a ‘feel good’ habit. You in? Be sure to subscribe for my latest thoughts about small wins. You’ll find the blog sign-up button here. 😊