Purging is Necessary for Clarity

clutter in a windowsill seen through a glass window where purging is definitely necessary!

Some say purging is necessary for clarity.

Do you agree?  

We’re not talking about food here, friend. This is about ‘stuff’ that creeps in, fills your spaces, and zaps your creative energy. Some say purging for clarity is necessary. Do you agree? Do you purge?

Or… do you let things pile up as they wait for you to get off your duff and declare an overthrow of the current situation? Perhaps it’s time to take action. I’m betting this blog post did not land willy-nilly in front of your eyeballs today. (or maybe it did and you can share this with a friend who could use the tips) 😉

If you struggle with purging, I’m betting memories and maybes whisper in your ear as you touch each item. The past holds you hostage while the future suggests opportunities (real or imagined) to “use that thing sometime.” (Yes, I can relate!)

But will you… really? I ask myself this question, too, so I did a little reading to find simple ways to tackle more(!) clutter after two days of purging my home studio. (We creative types hold on to a LOT of stuff in our workspaces.) I was ready for an extra nudge (and clear direction). How about a list of twenty things that can go without too much mental controversy? Here’s what I found that felt ‘do-able.”

So, are you hanging on or ripping the band-aid and letting go? 

Purging feels good as clarity finds its way in.

Recently, a Wednesday writing group member shared that she struggles with purging. A self-described “almost hoarder,” she told us how she tries but fails “every time” to remove an object from her home. On this particular day, she was excited to share that she’d finally placed a small stack of magazines in the recycling bin. She considered fishing them out but chose to leave them. She walked away. Fretting. Doubling back. But ultimately, leaving those damn magazines in the bin!  

Her sense of accomplishment was palpable. We cheered for her! 

Advice from another group member? Purge one item each day. I like that! Worth a try? Maybe. 

But right now, as I type this, stacks of books are ready for the local used bookstore. And lots of items in great condition are heading to our local thrift store so someone else can love them and use them. My studio is slowly feeling lighter, brighter, and calmer…

It’s day 41 of 2023. Ready for clarity and new energy? Purge, friend. Purge. Or, as Marie Kondo describes it, “tidy up” and embrace the positive energy.

Wonder how it turned out (or need a bit of inspiration)— my studio space filled with memories and maybes? Join us in a (Zoom) book group, writing group, workshop, or coaching session, and you’ll have a front-row seat in my comfy, creative studio space. Can’t wait to see you!