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She has cancer.

September 30, 2014. The phone call. We heard the words. I wasn’t surprised based on the weeks leading up to that day. We are three girls in our family. We rally when we need to. Doctors’ appointments followed by waiting. Then the diagnosis. Our baby sister then 34, was starting a battle that claims so many. A mom of three and really a baby herself (at least to her two older sisters), our baby sister was scared to death. And so were we.

October 2014 – A small smile hides the many worries before starting treatment…..

And so it began…. six months of doctors’ visits, hospital visits, chemo, baldness, finding strength, and being so sick. Her daughter, then five, struggled to understand – even asking mommy not to come to school. Then, the day after her 35th birthday – surgery. Her life and her body were permanently altered. Watching her fight the battle was intense, sometimes surreal, and always painful. I wished so badly to take it away from her. For her.

2015…… Surgery day

Five years later, she is healthy and living life to its fullest. She ‘takes no shit,’ loves with her heart on her sleeve, and sees every detail in her world. She slayed the dragon but is always aware that another could appear. Now happily married to her soul mate, she makes no apologies for living life on her terms. She is wild. And mouthy. Responsible. And loving. Purposeful. And carefree. She is authentic.

April 2018 – Wedding Day!

On this five-year anniversary, and ironically on the eve of Breast Cancer Awareness month – a fact that did not go unnoticed five years ago for us – I remind you with love and awareness – to take care of yourself and support those fighting cancer.

Love you, Baby Sister….