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Blogging (and Writing) Are a Struggle

You want to blog (or write), but find blogging and writing are a struggle.

Where are the damn words?

You want to type, edit, and share, but… you’re stuck.

Identify your struggle.

So which part’s the struggle?

Is it the first step? The last step? Somewhere in the middle?

All the steps?

I always have things to say in my head, too. Sometimes, I write them. Oftentimes, I don’t.

Why don’t I share my writing? Lots of reasons (that are happening in the list I shared below) and that I wrote about in 2017, but even kept THAT post private until today. Curious? You’ll find my thoughts on writing from the heart here.

Thoughts get stuck in our heads.

They roll around, take up space, run amuck, create confusion and doubt, sometimes suggest answers to questions while welcoming more questions…

It just goes on and on and on…. doesn’t it?

Sometimes I start a blog post with an idea in mind, but It’s… Not… Quite… There… Yet. Then I stop. After a long pause (and usually a sigh), I save.


list of blog titles in draft, in WordPress dashboard
  • Contemplate.
  • Sweat All The Things.
  • Guess.
  • Second-guess.
  • Learn.
  • Balance.
  • Dance.
  • Fight.
  • Be determined to make it happen.

Reality continues to shift.

See what I mean? 9 blog post titles. Well, 8. One’s a test post. So, 8 blog post titles… 5 in Draft. That’s 63%! More than half are waiting for me to get off my duff and say Something! Dang, girl!!

Placeholders. Ideas in plain view. Very important in my world… to help me remember.

But what if I never come back to finish those posts?

Blogging is a struggle.

Wait…. Or is it??

Maybe blogging isn’t a struggle?

  • Contemplate.
  • Sweat All The Things.
  • Guess.
  • Second-guess.
  • Learn.
  • Balance.
  • Dance.
  • Fight.
  • Be determined to make it happen.

Reality continues to shift.

(Really) identify your struggles.

Maybe it’s more like…

Blogging, like any kind of writing, asks us to…



find the words

manage our time

stand for SOMETHING

And we know THOSE things are a struggle. Right?!

So what’s your blogging/writing struggle and how will you slay it?

The truth about blogging and writing…

Here’s the thing – NOT blogging/writing is REALLY the struggle.

All that crap stays stuck in our heads!

And nobody’s got time or energy for THAT!

Overcome your struggles.

First, grab a pen, pencil, or keyboard. Then, use your words. They don’t have to be fancy or complicated.

Next, spend 5 minutes writing. No expectations, self-censoring or making excuses.

Use a scrap piece of paper (what I try to do and highly recommend – here’s why) or use your phone or iPad/tablet’s Notes feature. Oh, and (very important!) don’t forget to write the date. You’ll be surprised when you look back. I was, even today when I read my January 2017 blog post that had been sitting in Private mode.

Then, when you finish your five minutes, drop a note in the Comments. Let us celebrate with you. 🙂 You’re on your way to blogging and writing with less struggle!

Ready? Let’s do this! I’m cheering you on.


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