• Writing

    Quick Write Club: Writing Groups for Grown-up Gals

    It’s time, friend. Say What You Need to Say Stop procrastinating. Your excuses don’t work here. It’s time to find a new favorite pen and write. Why? Because process matters, self-care is necessary, and unraveling your thoughts brings clarity. Robin Le Roy-Kyle Here’s the thing— you will feel better. Maybe…

  • Life

    Writing from the Heart: When Karma Intervenes

    magnetic words on a fridge - the poetry we live

    Writing from the heart? It’s complicated, cathartic, even karmic… UPDATE:  I originally wrote this post in early 2017, heavily self-censored. In September 2021, I’m sharing again with more truth.    2017… What happens when we write from the heart? (And share it?) I recently read an article from a fellow blogger…