Google Street View the Great Barrier Reef?

great-barrier-reef arial view

Yes we can!

Usually, radio chatter (and TV commercials for that matter) drive me bonkers. Just.Stop.Talking….. Please.  One word: mute.

But every once in a while, I hear something memorable. Today, it was a conversation about Google Street Views, which is becoming part of Google Maps.

Have you used it? I admit – I appreciate having answers at my fingertips (literally) with a few clicks. As a seasoned educator and a lifelong learner myself, I can remember searching for info before the Internet. Wow! What a difference (nearly) twenty years makes, right? I can remember seeing Internet urls beginning to appear on magazine covers right around 1997.

The radio folks (do we still call them DJs?) were talking about a feature of Google’s Street View. Now, not only can we get the ‘boots on the ground’ view of whichever street we want to see, but we can see underwater, too. What?!  Heck, yes!

As soon as I got home from errands, I headed to my computer to check out the Great Barrier Reef in ‘street view.’  (Wanted the BIG version, not a small picture on my phone)…  Oh my!

So, here it is … ready for a quick break from whatever you’re doing??  The Great Barrier Reef in Google Maps/Street Views. What makes this so special? How about 360 degree views underwater, as though you’re diving…. without worrying about creatures getting (too) close and personal?? Just sayin’ … 😉

cartoon of shark in Finding Nemo



P.S. ~ I missed this week’s Monday Motivation yesterday… got caught up in my first day of summer break and didn’t plan ahead. Oops. On the upside, started several new art projects in the studio, finished a few for friends/family, and began the (very) early planning stages for a couple of new pieces… all with writing firmly embedded.  #winning [Insert Charlie Sheen’s voice there… Sorry! Just seemed to fit.]

See you tomorrow for Six-Word Wednesday…