I’m Not Creative!

crayons up close as someone says I'm not creative

“I’m not creative!” she said.

Remember when you were little and had that GIANT box of Crayola crayons and endless sheets of blank white paper? Remember how carefree and happy you felt as you drew purple elephants, orange grass, and places no one had ever seen?

What happened to our creativity?  

For many adults, being creative is a distant memory. Why? Lots of reasons. Society says we aren’t creative. We tell ourselves we aren’t creative. Society says creativity is for kids. We’re busy ‘adulting.’

Did you know being creative:

  • positively influences your health, including the decrease of stress, anxiety, and depression?
  • increases productivity?
  • makes you feel happy – or happier if you’re lucky enough to be happy?
  • is fun?
a brain that shows a creative and scientific side even though humans say I'm not creative

Creativity is often defined asconnecting ideas.”

What happened to your creativity?  

Perhaps it’s on the return! What are some ways to invite creativity back into your life?

  • Do some creative writing.
  • Add paints and fun washi tapes to notes, lists, and journal entries.
  • Make your own journals.
  • Print calendars and make them colorful. Who says being organized needs to be boring?
  • Visit Pinterest for creative inspiration.