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It’s Never Too Late…{Monday Motivation}

Life Quote

Is it time to turn it all around, or are you on your right path?



  • Baz - The Landy

    And BTW, read your Bio, love the outlook you have on life, mind you it did take me a while to work through it. I got stumped on “being a Navy Vet” …okay I’m a slow learner, but was thinking you were a veterinary doc and was intrigued the US Navy employed them 😉

    But get it entirely, take care!

    • RobinLK

      Hey Baz, The Landy!
      Glad to ‘meet’ you! Sorry about your confusion in my bio, but thanks for reading on and putting the pieces together. “Slow learners” are my world … being a Reading Specialist and all. 😉 From the looks of your blog, you’ve got quite a world of your own happening. Looking forward to reading about your cool adventures and seeing more of your beautiful photography. Living vicariously, I will. Thanks for stopping by. ….Robin

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