barren tree in fall
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sprouts in soil
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According to

prolific:  adjective

  1. producing offspring, young, fruit, etc., abundantly; highly fruitful: a prolific pear tree.
  2. producing in large quantities or with great frequency; highly productive:  a prolific writer.
  3. profusely productive or fruitful (often followed by in or of): a bequest prolific of litigations.
  4. characterized by abundant production.

Do you find your creative energy has ebbs and flows? I’m betting we all do at some time or another…

After last year’s ‘ebb,’ I can’t seem to wrangle my ‘flow’ these days… from paint brushes to prose, my brain is buzzing 24-7 and the projects just keep happening.

I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Prolific, maybe?

Sure feels like it!  🙂