Put Down Your F*^%$* Phone…. As Shared by Chuck Wendig

If you know Chuck Wendig, the novelist, you know his use of …… ummmmmm …..colorful language and straightforward talk.

chuckwendigIf you don’t know Mr. Wendig, I highly recommend his Writing How-To books. Haven’t personally read his novels, but I am totally down with his How-To books… and find his style & language – in your face, colorful, call it what you will … real. I shared my thoughts about one of his books, 30 Days in the Word Mines [here], last fall.



His is the language I don’t use online, but admittedly, *may or may not* use in my offline world.

When his latest post landed in my e-mail inbox, I saw the title (in full glory, no symbols, all spelled out Thank.You.Very.Much) first-thing in the morning, and thought, what?!?!  Then realized, Oh, it’s Chuck Wendig.

His post, peppered with his colorful language, resonated with me. People and their cell phones drive me absolutely c.r.a.z.y.!!  Can we say appendage?  I’m certain cell phones will eventually morph into being just that… an appendage permanently attached to our body. sigh….

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t think I could live without my cell phone. (Wow, that’s a sad statement.)  Truth is, cell phones make so many things in life more accessible (good or bad) than ever before.  For example, as I get RobinLK Studios off the ground (beyond my full-time career in Education), my cell phone becomes even more important, keeping me in touch with customers, suppliers, and new opportunities… often via social media… my two favorites, Instagram and Pinterest, though the studios are on Facebook, and Twitter, too. If anyone’s figured out the magic formula of managing multiple social media accounts, both personally and professionally, please clue me in! I can’t seem to find one app (yes, for The Phone) that helps me move seamlessly between accounts…

But when is too much too much??  Check out Chuck’s take on it. I couldn’t have said it any better (or colorfully).

Rated M for Mature Content and WC for Worth a Click.  Here you go….  [here]

Do cell phones and their owners make you crazy? Are you addicted to yours? Know someone who needs an intervention? 😉

Have a great day!