Quick Write Club: Writing Groups for Grown-up Gals

It’s time, friend.

a flyer advertising Wednesday Writing Groups hosted by RobinLK Studios showing session times of 5 AM, 8 AM, 11 AM, and 2 PM - all east coast time

Say What You Need to Say

Stop procrastinating. Your excuses don’t work here. It’s time to find a new favorite pen and write.


Because process matters, self-care is necessary, and unraveling your thoughts brings clarity.

Robin Le Roy-Kyle

Here’s the thing— you will feel better. Maybe not at first. But I promise you— you will feel better. Even if you discover things you didn’t want to find, face, or fix.

I hear you: What does that mean, Robin? Better. And why would I want to open myself up to things I don’t want to deal with?

Because better leads to healing and growth. After you struggle through the weeds and the muck of words & feelings— have no words, have too many words, have no feelings, have too many feelings… you will heal and grow— whatever that looks like for you.

How Wednesday Writing Groups Began

My mom died unexpectedly in January 2021. Within weeks, I hosted my first Wednesday Writing Group session when two of us said, “Hey, let’s journal together.” I was struggling through the earliest stages of grief and had been an early-morning journal writer for years. Writing with someone else felt awkward at first, but soon became our weekly norm. That first year, the two of us showed up every week. We wrote. We talked. We cried. We grew. We grappled with her mom’s death, too. Thank you, Diane.

In 2022, the weekly 5:00 AM “group” (of two!) grew as we welcomed four more. Then, midway through 2022, I added an 8:00 AM group to welcome women whose ‘early morning’ was NOT before sunrise. 😉 With new friends worldwide, we logged in via Zoom each week to write, journal, and build community together.

Why Wednesday Writing Groups Help

We show up for ourselves as we work on developing a writing/journaling habit and we show up for each other — to explore, discover, and support. Small groups are designed for safety and comfort, even for the shyest introvert. They are also designed to challenge our beliefs — about our world and ourselves.

During 2022 I learned so much from our weekly writing sessions. Now I’m excited to begin Year 3 of the WWG/Quick Write Club and welcome new friends at more hours.

Are you ready to work on your writing habit? Maybe you want to write in a new journal, write a book, create a screenplay, or write poetry. Whatever you fancy, joining us for dedicated writing and thinking time each week is— for some— the very best part of a week. Want to learn more about the Quick Write Club? Tap the button for more information and a registration link.

Say what you need to say, friend. Let the exploring, discovering, healing, and playing begin…