Working on your writing habit?

Read with us in 2023

Looking for a small, supportive community focused on personal development and AWESOME books?? Check out this year’s titles. We’re here to read, talk, share, ask questions, and grow personally. Studios Insiders book groups are open to “grown-up” gals 18+. Free to attend. Registration required.

Sound like a good fit? Seats are limited to 10 for each book title. Registration closes the Monday before a new title begins.  

Join the Studios Insiders Book Group Community.

free to attend (requires registration)

small community of likeminded gals

private community

downloadable resources available

IMPORTANT: You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail with instructions and a Zoom link after registering. Keep those login instructions handy!

Our book group discussion nights are on the first Wednesday of each month.

Please read the Community Rules before joining us.

Community Rules

Book required. Please have your copy by the first date for each title you’re attending. Used. New. Borrowed. Print or digital. Totally up to you! We’ll have pages to read and resources to discuss in our Zoom sessions.

Show up. “Community” happens when humans show up for each other—we make time for our group, attend regularly, and contribute purposefully. Be a good human. Show up. ♥️

Have fun! Share your wins, questions, and challenges. Support others & seek support.

No links. Please, no links or promoting yourself or other services, people, programs, etc…

Serve don’t sell. No direct or indirect self-promotion of your programs, groups, or services. This includes links to your site or social media profiles, unsolicited PMs, and invites to your groups or services.

No market research or pirating content. You may not use this group to conduct market research for your own products and services or to take copyrighted content for resale, redistribution, or another business purpose.

We keep it real in our community groups. Sometimes, the conversation is grown-up. To maintain comfort for all group members, book groups are open to the grown-up crowd 18+. Interested in a teen/young adult book group? Please reach out and let me know.

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