Ripping off the Band-Aid: A WordPress Redesign

Making the leap from WP [dot] com to [dot] org…. one 10-layered step at a time.

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Holy moly! Have you ever decided to make the leap into something you’ve wanted to do for a long time, but were so bat-shit scared of it that you avoided it waaaaaaaaay too long?

Then, when you made the leap, you immediately discovered that some of your …. trepidations …. about doing The Thing were happening in real time… while other things happening in the learning process turned out be “blessings in disguise” – happy discoveries along the way?

Then, there’s the matter of time… as in … the learning process feels like warp speed and a snail crawl simultaneously.

You’re determined to figure things out. Or give up. Or figure things out. Or give up. #vacillating


Yep. I’m there.

But hey, it’s all good. Everything is “figureoutable,” after all, according to Marie Forleo. She reminded us often during B-school 2020, a fact that became more clear after reading her book. Indeed, Marie. Indeed.

As I learn the how-to of coding and web design, I’m reminded how frustrating and exciting learning is … at the same time!

I’m also reminded the steepest learning curves often have the greatest reward.

I’ve got this! Maybe. Definitely. Maybe… LOL

Have you ever tackled something that you wanted to learn? What was your outcome? How did you feel whilst you were in the thick of the learning process? Would love to hear how it turned out and how you felt as you slogged through the muddy learning process!

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