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Hello, You! e-mail… creative inspiration, goal-“getting” tips, You Got This! messages + Studios Insider codes, downloadable goodies, behind-the-scenes studio video visits, special Insider Zoom chats, updates about online and in-person learning events, downloadable resources, and Etsy flash sales (who doesn’t love those!?) ~ all delivered right to your inbox.

No spammy, Sammy! I’d rather be creating than bugging you. 🙂

You: (maybe) Ugh! I HATE getting lots of e-mails in my inbox. ANNOYING!!

Me: (definitely) Me, too! (raises hand & rolls eyes)

Honestly, I’m not great at sending ‘weekly’ e-mails. I suppose I could do better, but hey, we’re all busy, right? Instead, about twice a month — maybe three times in a good month — is more my speed. LOL

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