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    The Counting Game….

      chicken Crystal Light cat food coffee creamer Creating my list for a quick stop at the grocery store is a mental game for me: Make a mental list. Repeat it a few times out loud. Count the items. Keep the numbered items in my head. Enter the store. Go to it! I’m sure people wonder why I have a quizzical look…

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    Rusty Butt….

    It’s Friday and my brain has been buzzing all week… with all sorts of things. Wanted to share one this morning, before I head out the door for the ‘day gig.’   🙂 I say that with affection… I love what I do! I recently finished reading fellow blogger, medical doctor, and author Carrie Rubin’s novel, Eating Bull. It, along with…

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    Sunday Funnies… {Small Biz Tax Humor}

    Really?!? Fellow small business owners…. can’t blame us for asking, right?!  😉 But you can deduct some of your housing expenses if you meet the criteria – a checklist worth figuring out!  (News to my Hubs that made him smile…..) Have a fantastic Sunday! 

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    {Sunday Funnies}….Benefits of Being Messy

    “Cleanliness may be next to Godliness, but sloppiness is a lot easier. And there are loads of benefits to being messy, too.” Finally! Research to back up my habits.  😉 I really hope The Mr. reads this blog post.  Beds and desks…#creativity … Just sayin’….. Source: Benefits of Being Messy: 7 Reasons It’s Better to Be a Slob Hope you’ve had…