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    Ripping off the Band-Aid: A WordPress Redesign

    black and white image Please Pardon Our Appearance

    Making the leap from WP [dot] com to [dot] org…. one 10-layered step at a time. Holy moly! Have you ever decided to make the leap into something you’ve wanted to do for a long time, but were so bat-shit scared of it that you avoided it waaaaaaaaay too long?…

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    Caution: Curve(s) Ahead

    How do you feel when faced with a new Learning Curve? Excited? Overwhelmed? Motivated? Exhausted? Hopeful? Is it more like an uphill climb or a long road laid out ahead of you? For me, it’s a combination of any of these at any time, and sometimes a euphoric blend of all, at the same time. Mind-numbing. Returning…