Why No Questions?

question marks


Someone who knows me in ‘real life’ recently asked, Why don’t you ask questions on your blog?

I think the reason behind the question was this:  I ask tons of questions every day … from What makes that work that way? to Why…?  I wonder…… is one of my favorite phrases.

I think my questions sometimes often drive my husband a little nuts. I’m pretty sure he’s thinking, “It just is!” Whatever, dude. I’m curious.  😉

My mom will tell you that from the time I began to talk, I was asking questions.

So, again, the question begs to be asked:  Why no questions to readers on the blog, as advised by most blogging ‘experts’?

Simple answer:  I blog to share my thoughts and experiences, often so I don’t forget (that’s a whole other topic for another day). If someone wants to chime in, I feel they you will. Right? Most of us have busy lives and are (presumably) assaulted by social media, the Internet, email, text messages, blah-blah-blah … every day.

I don’t want to be That Person who’s asking you to engage even more. You know – in your face, asking for more of your time. If I can share a few lines about my thoughts and experiences in my little corner of the world, and you’re curious enough to take five minutes to read them, great! Thank you!! If you feel compelled to jump in and comment, awesome!

If not, no worries, though. I always appreciate folks stopping by. Sometimes, we (I) read something that I like, but don’t feel the need to comment. If I can do that, and you click Like because something I said resonated, well, my work is here is done.

Have a fabulous day!


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