scrap art paper with found words added

They’re Back!

credit: RobinLK Studios
Blackout Poetry, 2015


The voices, that is. Finally!


A note…. I started this post February 7, 2016, but never shared it. Not sure why not(?), but here it is…. celebrating the return of the voices in my head. What an awesome feeling it was!


Feb 2016:  If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you know that I suffered through a long spell of silence in my head as I struggled through difficult personal and professional changes in 2015. The silver lining was discovering mixed-media art as a tool to express myself, giving my heart and head a place to speak freely.

But as I created art, I longed for the voices to return…

While that may sound odd to some, to fellow writers and bloggers, you know what I’m talking about…   

Those insistent, questioning, creating, tweaking, questioning, pesky, always-chattering voices that actually write posts, articles, poetry, novels, books, chapters, lines, dialogue – whatever they choose – inside our heads.

I’m excited, elated, ecstatic. Oh, hello you! So glad you’re back to fill my head. It’s about damn time!!! Oh, and you’ll have to find your space next to all the beautiful colors that have joined us. 

me crazy? was all she had to say - a quote
Words began filling my art by late 2015 as my writing voice returned… 

Want to join us as we play with words this month?

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