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    Woman, Stand Strong

    little girl reaching toward the sky with words beside her International Women's Day

    Woman, stand strong.For her. And her. And her. Know that together, we make a difference. Together, weexplore,discover,grow. patriarchy. Woman, stand strong. With her. And her. And her. And her. Together, we can show our girls how to standstrongly,bravely,authentically, as individualsand…together. Woman, stand strong. With her.For her.For YOU. ©robin le roy-kyle…

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    here: saying goodbye with each visit

    old woman in wheelchair sitting at a table with crayons

    here: it is the last place i feel sad as i watch them.and listen. they know they have come to wither and die… here. visits from family,maybe. no concept of time for many.painfully, some seem aware.the new ones, mostly. they know why they’re here. their eyes seem dimmer each time…

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    Show Up & Write: Why it Matters

    an open writing notebook with filled pages and a pen remind us to show up and practice self discovery

    Showing Up or Going Through the Motions? What happens when you show up & write? Does it matter? Is it weird? Does it make a difference? Is it time-consuming? Do others know you have nothing to say? (Tip: you have more to say than you realize.) Is it NECESSARY??? Recently,…