• Life,  Truth

    When Death Comes Calling

    sunrise from a moving car window

    You think you’ll know how you’ll feel when a parent dies. You can assume or make guesses based on your relationship. But really, that’s you convincing yourself you’ve got it under control. Turns out, that headspace control? It’s a farce… a lie you’re telling yourself to get through your days.…

  • Humor,  Learning,  Process,  Videos

    Video Skills for the Win: Yes, You Really Can!

    woman smiling Robin Le Roy-Kyle

    22 Takes Later…. So, I’m learning the ins and outs of recording video…. video blogging? vlogging? Whatever you call it, seems I’ll need a bit more practice….. LOL Wanna see what happens when you forget your name, do an (unplanned) Fonzie impression, and…. you’re recording the ceiling?! Oh, and your…

  • Life

    Authentic? Definitely.

    I found this quote among my snippets of words and colors recently. It’s funny how things land right in front of us exactly when they’re supposed to, isn’t it? Authentic. Where does it land in your world? Original. Genuine. Real. Bona fide. I share my truths. Almost to a fault…

  • Creative Curiosity

    A Mixed-Media Face in 18 Ingredients

    art studio worktable with supplies for making a face

    I was asked recently during a Mixed-Media Faces How-to virtual workshop, “Okay, so we made a basic face with our pencil, but how do we make it ‘mixed media’?” Great question! Answer:  Add everything you want and then a bit more… Really! And so we did. From floral repurposed paper…