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    Underpainting in Art & Writing, 2023

    Fact: Underpainting Adds Depth Is underpainting part of your art process? While many contemporary artists use this technique, underpainting was the ‘standard’ among the masters. Underpainting is defined as the first coat of paint, especially the initial painting on a canvas. The major areas, tones, colors, and forms are indicated in mass.…

  • Life

    Writing from the Heart: When Karma Intervenes

    magnetic words on a fridge - the poetry we live

    Writing from the heart? It’s complicated, cathartic, even karmic… UPDATE:  I originally wrote this post in early 2017, heavily self-censored. In September 2021, I’m sharing again with more truth.    2017… What happens when we write from the heart? (And share it?) I recently read an article from a fellow blogger…

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    Ripping off the Band-Aid: A WordPress Redesign

    black and white image Please Pardon Our Appearance

    Making the leap from WP [dot] com to [dot] org…. one 10-layered step at a time. Holy moly! Have you ever decided to make the leap into something you’ve wanted to do for a long time, but were so bat-shit scared of it that you avoided it waaaaaaaaay too long?…